Your Album

Made for Veronica + Tim


This page is designed to help you through the process of designing and ordering your prefect album.

There's a few simple steps -

1. Layout

2. How many pages

3. Title page

4. Cover material

5. Cover embossing

6. Bag or box?

If you have any questions at all be sure to email


After you've chosen you favorite images I'll use them to design your album layout. After the layout is made we'll know how many pages it takes and you can request any changes using the online system or in person at the studio.

>>     See you album layout online here:   <<


Now that your favourite images have been chosen we know how many pages your story takes.

Fine art albums are printed on a thick art card that has a matte finish.

[ Good to know: A page is one side while a spread is what you see when the album is open. So 2 pages = 1 spread. ]

Below is the album pricing :



Your album design has 50 pages:

40 pages ($950) + 10 extra pages (5 extra spreads at $75 per spread = $375) = $1325 inc gst

With your friends gift of $750 your balance is $575


The title page is the first thing you see when you open your album.

It usually has your names, wedding date, and venue; but it can have anything you want.

The title page does not count toward the total number of pages - I include it for free.


There's lots of cover materials available, and almost all are included with no extra charge.


Cover embossing is when we stamp your names (or anything really) onto the cover of your album.

Embossing is available is in:

Gold / Copper / Silver / White / Black / Royal Blue / Clear / and Blind (no ink, just the impression)

Embossing is $85 (large stamps may cost more)

6. Bag or Box?

As standard your album is delivered in a natural cotton drawstring bag, but you can add a presentation box if you wish.

A presentation box is a strong box that offers great protection, covered in the same material as your album.

Embossing can also be added to your box.

Presentation Boxes are $280

That's all the info! If you have any questions or requests please let me know.