Heck yeah!

You're getting married!

Now what?

This page aims to answer any of your questions and help you know what things happen when.

If you have a question and you can't find the answer, shoot me an

1. You've just booked your photographer (that's me!), now what?

High fives all 'round, you've started to assemble your awesome wedding team, there's a few other people you're going to need, so I've made this list of some sweet suppliers you should check out:

After you've filled in your booking form, paid your booking fee, given me any other info I should know, and I've confirmed you're all locked in - then you're good to go! At this point I don't need any other info.

2. Getting closer - Important info for when we're only a few months out ...

3 - 4 weeks before your wedding is when I'll be in touch to get the info I need.

I will need three things:

  • A timeline of your whole day, including when you'd like me to arrive and finish. See a sample timeline here >
  • A list of family photos. This is the formal photos that most people like to do straight after the ceremony with your family and close friends (this is different than the bridal party portraits).
  • A completed Wedding Details online form. You can that here >

Important helpful info:

  • I normally see the guys first, for around 45mins, and then spend the rest of the morning with the bride.

  • Family photos usually happen after the ceremony, I suggest limiting this to 10 groups or less.

  • Nominate someone to help organise the family groups.

  • Whole group photos aren’t something I recommend, however I’m happy to do it if you’d like me to.

  • I require a meal at the reception (no dietary requirements).

  • Consider if you need cars for the bridal party to go to the portrait location.

  • If you'd like photos of your invites be sure to have them with the bride/bridesmaids in the morning.

  • If you want to do something different feel free to change things up, as long as it’s on the timeline you can do whatever you want :)



  • Do we have to have photos of the guys in the morning? No, it's completely up to you. I'd go straight to the girls if you don't want any photos of the guys in the morning.

  • The guys aren't getting until dressed until later, can you go to the girls first? I go the guys first because just before the ceremony is when all the best stuff happens with the girls, and you don't want me to miss that. And the photos with the guys really isn't about them getting dressed - it's about the guys hanging out together, having some food, a drink, a swim, a game, and a laugh. It's those authentic photos I'm after. I will do a little bit of getting dressed photos, but usually only with the groom (and don't worry, it's super relaxed).

Typical order of the day (for me).

  1. Visit the guys and photograph them relaxing, eating, drinking, swimming, etc . . .  Also, I'll photograph the groom getting into his suit, and the details that go along with that.

  2. Go to see the girls. I usually arrive as the hair and makeup is still happening, I photograph what ever is happening without intruding. I'll also photograph all the details such as: invites, the dresses, shoes, flowers, jewellery, and anything else that makes your wedding unique. I'll be there as the bride puts on her dress, and we'll do a some photos with bridesmaids and/or parents before we leave for the ceremony. I also aim to leave for there ceremony 15 - 20 mins before the bride.

  3. The ceremony! I'll arrive at the ceremony before the bride. Say hi ti the groom and groomsmen, and the celebrant/pastor. I'll photograph the details of the ceremony and the guests arriving. Then I'll come and meet the bride and bridesmaids before they walk down the aisle. I photograph everything as it happens.

  4. The guests will want to congratulate you after the ceremony, take some time to do this.

  5. Family photos. This is 6-8 groups, usually close family, for formal photos. You'll have emailed me the list for this before the wedding and I will have it with me. You'll also appoint someone (who has a loud voice, and knows most people) to help organise the groups.

  6. Bridal portraits. We'll start with the whole bridal party first, and then just you two. There will so many photos, and lot's of different combinations. I aim for a relaxed, natural feel, and not too dramatic or over posed. If you need extra direction for this part I'll help you though it.

  7. Just before you enter the reception I'll get in there and photograph all the reception details.

  8. Reception! If you're having an announced entrance I'll be there as you walk in. From here on I'll be moving around the room photographing you and your guests chatting, the speeches and cake cutting. Then I'll be there for the first dance and I'll be on the dance floor with your guests as they enjoy themselves!

  9. I'll always come and see you before I leave in case you want me to stay longer of if there's any final images you'd like.