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Wedding Day Details

This may seem like a lot of questions but it's crucial I really know what's going on. Some of this information you may have already given me, but it's very important that I have all the latest info. I like to double and then triple check the details I have - there's no way I'm getting anything wrong on your wedding day! Get in touch if you have any questions.

1. Pay your balance.

2. Fill in the pre wedding questionnaire below.

Any questions? Email

Bride's name *
Bride's name
Groom's name *
Groom's name
Postal address *
Postal address
Postal address that you'd like your USB of images posted to after the wedding.
If you'd like photos of the groom in the morning please include the address here. It usually works best when I visit the groom first and then spend the rest of the time before the ceremony with the bride.
It's a great idea to make someone the emergency contact for all the suppliers on the day. This person should be ready to answer their phone all day.
Family photos *
Would you like family photos? Usually this is done straight after the ceremony, but you can do it whenever suits your day. Send me an email with the list of different groups you'd like. Choose someone to help organise all the different people while I'm photographing the groups, and give them a copy of the list. A bridesmaid is usually good at this job.
Knowing who I'll be working with really helps, and it's likely I know them! Also other wedding vendors rely on my photos to promote their business, so knowing who they are means I can get in touch after the wedding.
Timeline *
Have you made a full timeline of your whole day and sent it to us? If your photography package includes the getting ready part of the day please include this on your timeline.
Would you prefer your high res image files on a USB or digital download? *
With lots of new computers not having standard USB ports you now have the option to download your high res files.

Remember ...

1. If your photographer is staying to photograph the reception a meal must be provided.

2. Send us your timeline for the whole day, including the time you'd like your photography to start, remember to consider the amount of hours included in your package.

3. If you'd like family photos please send us a list before your wedding day.

You're getting married, so cool!! 

Let's do this.